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be happy!

Your personal dating-coach...

LoveQ AGENCY is Multinational project ministering to men in improving their private lives to be happy. Help in activation of searching happy fortune for those men and women who desire to meet their perfect matchs and do not want to waste life under the principle «catch-as-catch-can».

This is clear and step-by-step algorithm created by the international coach Oksana Schmid.

About Oksana Schmid:

Regularly speak on national TV & Radio 

Published best selling books on love-coaching in Ukraine and Russia 

Author of the LoveQ Systems Intelligence and techniques LoveQ‑Coaching 

Professional Numerologist

Practicing psychologist for over 17 years 

Professional matchmaker -­ Roses Syabitova (Moscow) 

 Professional Certified Coach International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  Individually tailored service

Our service helps you:
1. Save your time
2. Find you long-expected love
3. Choose actually and not «beggars can’t be choosers»

Women in Ukraine are amongst the most beautiful, intelligent and loyal in the world. Ukrainian women are seeking their soulmates and ready to give you unconditional love. 

With many years of professional coaching and match making experience, we have helped many men find their soulmates. 

We understand you, we believe ... 

• Men are also afraid of being betrayed or cheated on.
• Men need companionship along with love and beauty.
• Men don’t want to be just a sponsor for a woman . 

Your time, money and emotional investment must equal a woman’s sincerity and compatibility to fall in love with you. 

A safe and proven method

We can definitely help you achieve your potential
life of happiness — love and be loved in return.
Find love with LoveQ Coach:

Our MAIN goals to find true LOVE

To the effect LoveQ Agency can provide you with up-scale knowledge and also take care of all the steps of searching. We will help you from A to Z and give our heartiest congratulations on two affectionate hearts meeting.

Our team support

You will get new opportunities, development options, free choice, and support of professional staff of LoveQ Agency. And they are not only one or two people but all the dedicated team of our project.
 “We make your experience safe and enjoyable”!
It is EXACTLY the complex project for those who want to be happy. We can help explore and improve all the aspects of personal life

(from inner condition to personal appearance).

What is especial in LoveQ AGENCY?

We undertake all the laborious and volume work as follows:

Compose your profile
 Turn-based strategy,

designed individually for you

Provide with a personal assistant

support to the result

Set up meetings with women in ANY city of the world
beautiful and romantic dates
They will be unforgettable dates where you appear as an interesting gentleman and companion, instead of being a sponsor for free of charge journey.

5 steps to LOVE

LoveQ Marriage is step-by-step strategy designed purposely for men who don’t want to to waste time on useless search instead of targeting to meaningful relationship.

No standard approachs, routine or large-scale involvement.

The LoveQ Marriage system consists of 5 step:

  1. Free Consultation 
  2. Your Presentation file 
  3. Personal and Video profiling 
  4. Start Communicating 
  5. The Meeting


Step №1
Free Consultation with Oksana Schmid

I will spend 15-20 minutes talking with you on Skype to understand your goals and desires (interpreters can be arranged). 

  •  spend with you the strategic session
  • find out all the necessary points
  • structures and give a turnkey solution

Please note, we are NOT a sex tourist service.

Sign up and get FREE advice that really works.

Step №2
Your Presentation file 

If we agree to work together, I then take the opportunity to learn much more about you, your expectations and of the values of your prospective soulmate. 

Next, I will create your personality profile and your partners profile preferences (visual & psychological )

We save you time and mental strength! 

Step №3
 Personal and Video profiling 

After we have agreed your file, I will translate it into Russian and start searching for your love matches. 

I will only discuss your file to women that I feel match your expectations and with women I believe who are sincere with their intentions to meet with you. 

I conduct video with ladies interviews on your behalf, stating your questions, goals and desires to women. This way we can discuss how the women answered and analyse their body language.

Sincerity is the key to our love!

Step №4
Start Communicating 

We will review and discuss all the women video interviews that I feel would suit you, and why I feel they are sincere with their intentions to meet YOU. 

I do not want you to waste your time, money and emotional investment by introducing you to many women. My loyalty, focus and empathy is with you to find REAL love. 

You then decide which women you want to start communicating with. It is really that simple. 

Step №5
The Meeting

Once you have confirmed a strong desire to meet one or more of your potential soulmates in Ukraine, you simply let me now. Me and my team will help prepare your trip and arrange for you to meet these lovely ladies in safe and enjoyable settings. 

You will have your own female assistant who will go with you on all of your first meetings. She can help you book hotels, recommend places to visit and offer some advice on first impressions. 

I am always available to help and guide you at every stage. Our relationship does not end when you leave Ukraine


We make your experience safe and enjoyable!

Only a real meeting can get you a chance to find your love and soulmate soon.

  • Professional & individual service
  • We personally MATCH ladies psychological and physical profile with yours. 
  • Ladies are interviewed on video by me for you to review
  • Our ladies are REAL ladies. We verify passport and family checks on all our ladies
  • Weekly progress report 

    Satisfaction guarantee:

    FREE 7 Day Trial (Steps 1-­ 3 only) 

    We match intentions for lasting love 


We do our best to help you find LOVE other than simple one-night stand.

The goal is to get expectation as soon as possible.

This is a possibility — you can find your soulmate not after a year or two, not after decades of non e ective search, but much faster:


It is enough to find your soulmate with our help. We are not telling you valueless promises, we have specific numbers based on working relationship with a lot of our clients.

Change strategy of ineffective searching and interpersonal communication to

… choose LoveQ AGENCY!