Find your soul mate
for 2 month and
be happy!

LoveQ Marriage is...

Multinational project ministering to men in improving their private lives to be happy. Help in activation of searching happy fortune for those men and women who desire to meet their perfect matchs and do not want to waste life under the principle «catch-as-catch-can».

This is clear and step-by-step algorithm created by the international coach Oksana Schmid.

«Love is the essential component of human life.

Millions of people all over the world are on the lookout for their perfect matchs, they wish for love and happiness.

Unfortunately, reality is not beneficial to many of them and long search results in desperation or periodic mistakes, draining energy and emotional resources.

We try to change this situation dramatically, in other words to help men and women activate their lives and use time profitably.

Just those tasks are within the competence of the LoveQ Agency project which can give you great knowledge as well as READY-MADE EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to find your happiness for a short while.»

Oksana Schmid

International coach and the project head manager of LoveQ Agency

Service LoveQ Marriage helps you:
1. Save your time
2. Find you long-expected love
3. Choose actually and not «beggars can’t be choosers»

At the same time you firmly secure from unnecessary trials and errors, cheats and frustrating disappointments…

Searching will give you only positive emotions.

Everything is as it must be for men intent to happy and meaningful relationship other than to non-committal relationship.

We can definitely help you achieve your potential
life of happiness — love and be loved in return.
Find love with LoveQ Marriage:

Our MAIN goals

We do our best for helping you find your ideal woman for building harmonious relationship with her.
To the effect LoveQ Agency can provide you with up-scale knowledge and also take care of all the steps of searching. We will help you from A to Z and give our heartiest congratulations on two affectionate hearts meeting.

Our team support

You will get new opportunities, development options, free choice, and support of professional staff of LoveQ Agency. And they are not only one or two people but all the dedicated team of our project.
Searching for your soulmate you will feel only positive emotions!
It is EXACTLY the complex project for those who want to be happy. We can help explore and improve all the aspects of personal life

(from inner condition to personal appearance).

What is especial in LoveQ Marriage?

We undertake all the laborious and volume work as follows:

Compose love
i.e. the set of letters, in consideration of individual needs.
Provide with a personal assistant
who will do correspondence on dating sites on your behalf
Set up meetings with women in ANY city of the world
beautiful and romantic dates
They will be unforgettable dates where you appear as an interesting gentleman and companion, instead of being a sponsor for free of charge journey.

5-step algorithm for finding love by LoveQ Marriage

LoveQ Marriage is step-by-step strategy designed purposely for men who don’t want to to waste time on useless search instead of targeting to meaningful relationship.

No standard approachs, routine or large-scale involvement.

The LoveQ Marriage system consists of 5 step:

  1. Interview with Oksana Schmid
  2. Love copywriting
  3. Personal assistant
  4. Individual searching
  5. Romantic meeting

You can go all these steps «from start to finish» with us or act as a matter of choice.

Step №1
Interview with Oksana Schmid

The special Skype-consultation, which help you define your «love intellect» and find out what is exactly needed to be developed for creating happy love life.

This is FREE service.

Step №2
Love copywriting
  • You get a list of well-tried dating sites.
  • We study information for specifying communication style.
  • We make text-presentation for the sites.
  • You “are armed with information” how to send letters properly.
  • You get the exclusive lot of LOVE LETTERS written for Slavic women taking into consideration their mind and ways.

Cost: 250 €

Complimentary product — FREE translation of your letters.

Step №3
Personal assistant

Certainly you can do it by yourself. But where can such initiative lead to ? The result is that you merely squander time. And not only time…

On the other hand you can take advantage of our «Personal assistant» service which is able to correspond on dating sites on your behalf.

What is more, your personal assistant in LoveQ Agency can:

  • Register and model your profile in the special e-mail and you are the only person to have access to.
  • Send letters on your behalf according to set-up parameters. The last letter is meeting appointment.
  • Monitor the sites with your advertisements.
  • Eliminate ineligible choices keeping the most suitable.
  • Every week you will have our activity report.

Cost from: 250 €/month

Complimentary product — FREE consultation from Oksana Schmid

Step №4
Individual search

With any confidence your have your own dream about what kind of a girl you would like to be side by side. Put confidence in LoveQ Agency members of sta to ace searching!

  • We produce a certain image of a perfect match together.
  • You get weekly Skype - consultation of personal LoveQ coach of 15-20 min.
  • We start active search of your love.
  • We choose the right women on the ground of knowledge of psychology of human as well as sociologic up-to-date information on effective dating.
  • We scrutinize credibility of information in the profile including passport data and marriage status.
  • We conduct final interviews (video – interview is possible).

Every week you will have our detail activity report.

Cost from: 250 €/week

The first week of work is FREE OF CHARGE!

Step №5
Romantic meeting

To check your feelings and start personal contact with the girl, who you like, you need to meet with her.

We arrange a romantic meeting in any beautiful place of the world in such a way as to make your date wonderful and memorable. We use all our possibilities to e ect the desired result.

For this purpose a romantic travel includes several rules:

  • Disparity of years should not exceed 15 years.
  • A man alone can call for the meeting (he should pay expenses for girl’s visit).
  • Lady will take a separate room.

Cost: 10% from the cost of a trip

Only a real meeting can get you a chance to find your love and soulmate soon.


Service LoveQ Marriage provides you with all the team support.

So you get solid guarantees against needless trial and error as well as cheats and disappointment, which make you frustrating and feeling hopelessly.

Searching for your soulmate you will feel only positive emotions!

You can start your success
story which your relatives,
friends and children will
listen with a keen interest.


We do our best to help you find LOVE other than simple one-night stand.

The goal is to get expectation as soon as possible.

This is a possibility — you can find your soulmate not after a year or two, not after decades of non e ective search, but much faster:


It is enough to find your soulmate with our help. We are not telling you valueless promises, we have specific numbers based on working relationship with a lot of our clients.

Change strategy of ineffective searching and interpersonal communication to

… choose LoveQ Marriage!